Fog in the Valley - 24 X 30 Acrylic

I wanted the detail in this painting to drift back and have the landscape disappear into the mist. Actual experience of mine after deer hunting and walking back to the truck on a November morning.  


Adding in detail 


Fall Sunset, Soybean field 18 X 24 Acrylic.

Continuing my work on sunsets and sunrises, this scene is one of Soybean fields on the property I hunted for about 15 years. Rolling Hills, Beautiful oak flats and deep ravines. I always come back from hunting inspired after seeing beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the Indiana country. 




Untitled 14 X 18 Acrylic

A little practice here, I am trying to nail the dramatic sunrise/sunset in my last two paintings. Work in progress, I seem to learn a little each time. This is combo of that same sunset photograph I worked off "Broken Oak, I just focused on the sky this time. Not sure if this one will make the show circuit or not. What is your opinion?



Broken Oak - Acrylic 18 X 24

This is from an old white Oak on my brother's property near Mt. Sterling Illinois. I love to paint tree's with character, and I also wanted to try my hand at a challenging sky like some of my artist friends on facebook. Mike Wintermantel comes to mind as some one who does wonderful sunsets. I still got work to do,  to do justice to the photo I was working off.  


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